PBCore 2.0 session at the Open Video Conference, October 1, NYC

Written by Jack Brighton on Thursday, September 30, 2010

For those attending the Open Video Conference this weekend in New York, don’t miss the panel on PBCore 2.0. A stellar lineup will talk about the process of developing 2.0, and hopefully share some details about where it’s going.

Here are the panel specifics, copied from the OVC schedule:

Summary: An Introduction to PBCore 2.0: Metadata for Public Broadcasters - (4:30 PM - 5:30 PM)

Description: PBCore has served the Public Media community as a metadata schema for describing media since 2005. With a new round of funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, WGBH Boston is working on PBCore 2.0 – an updated version which will increase its flexibility as a schema and therefore its applicability to diverse user scenarios. In addition, a new web site with updated documentation is set to launch next month (November, 2010). Come learn about PBCore: how it is evolving, how it is applied, and how it can benefit your workflow and interoperability as a video content producer or consumer.

Chair: Nan Rubin — PBCore Project
Linda Tadic — Audiovisual Archive Network
David Rice — Audiovisual Preservation Solutions
Chris Beer — WGBH Interactive

Making PBCore End User Friendly

Written by Kevin Reynen on Monday, August 09, 2010

Two screencast were recently added to Blip.tv that show how the Open Media Project’s Drupal modules make PBCore easier for end users.  Craig Sinclair from Amherst Community Media created a screencast that shows how to configure the PBCore module for Drupal to display customized elements in a hierarchy to users.  I added another screencast that shows how to add PBCore to any content type with CCK and how to use some simple javascript to limit the number of options show to users

Sites using the current beta of the module can now export a node as XML as well as dump of their site specific configurations making it easier to compare how organizations are implementing PBCore in practice.

The PBCore module for Drupal is still rough around the edges, but the structure is now there for anyone with even basic PHP skills to contribute. 

Deadline for PBCore 2.0 change requests looms

Written by Jack Brighton on Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 25th if the official deadline for input on the next major revision of PBCore. A release of PBCore 2.0 in November, 2010 is expected to represent a major leap forward, based on lots of change requests and research among the user community, plus where projects like the American Archive need to go. This is our chance to make sure it’s going in the most useful direction, and solving the right problems.

You can see the full list of submitted change requests, and add your own, here:


By July 25th please!

Translation Advice

Written by Kevin Reynen on Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The PBCore Module for Drupal is now being used by several public access stations.  Next month I’m helping the Open Channel in Växjö Sweden implement Open Media there.  I’ve read karavan’s post about PBCore en Español, but that seemed to focus on translating the names of the schema elements.  I’m going to need to translate the genres, ratings, and languages themselves.

More on Translation Advice

PBCore.org Alpha site launched!

Written by Courtney Michael on Thursday, April 15, 2010

Head on over to PBCore.org, check out the face lift, and leave your feedback!

WGBH is in the process of re-designing PBCore.org and we’ve just launched the “alpha” site which includes:


More on PBCore.org Alpha site launched!

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