PBCore licensing?

Written by Jack Brighton on Saturday, June 06, 2009

A discussion at Drupal Groups pertains to development of a Metadata module, possibly incorporating PBCore. The thing is, PBCore is currently licensed under a Creative Commons License, not a GPL which would be required for a Drupal distributed module. Which raises the question: How easy would it be to place PBCore and its documentation under a GNU GPL license? Doing so would be in the interest of the PBCore community, and I would think in the interest of CPB which funded development of the PBCore standard. Feedback would be appreciated!

How to reference a related web page?

Written by Jack Brighton on Friday, June 05, 2009

Say you have an audio archive of a radio news story that's on a web page. In the PBCore record for the audio archive, how do you reference the web page?

Would it be:

   <relationType>Is Part Of</relationType>

Or perhaps its relationType should be Is Referenced By.

I have a reservation about using pbcoreRelation for this, because it assumes the web page is a "media item" capable of being expressed in another PBCore record. (See: http://www.pbcore.org/PBCore/relationType.html)  I doubt PBCore was ever intended to catalog web pages, and the practice of doing that would seem...daunting.

Regardless this question arises because, what if you have a media player capable of ingesting PBCore records and playing the media file, and you want to link to an original web page on which the media file was first published? This is not a hypothetical question. If pbcoreRelation isn't the way to do this, it would be important to settle the question very soon.


Drupal developer updating Media module looking for metadata handling feedback

Written by Kevin Reynen on Thursday, June 04, 2009

The developer working to update media handling in Drupal through the Google SoC program is looking for feedback on metadata handling. This work is really going to influence how media handling and metadata work in Drupal 7. I've posted a response that includes some reference to PBCore, but any other feedback would be appreciated. If you'd like to see better support for PBCore in Drupal, this is going to be the time to help influence how that happens. http://groups.drupal.org/node/22915


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