Fun new category added to Change Requests

Written by Jack Brighton on Friday, October 30, 2009

If things appear quite in pbcoreland, that would be only a surface-level view. A lively discussion is taking place, for example, on the American Archive Pilot Project Basecamp site. People are asking questions about why PBCore elements are as they are, how PBCore matches the requirements of their collections and projects, and poking it with sticks in various ways. The AMIA Conference arrives in St. Louis next week, following a year in which many AMIA folks have submerged PBCore in white fire and subzero liquids. Other open source software projects are leveraging PBCore to exchange data and media files between far-flung systems. Lots of us have been throwing tons of actual content against the PBCore wall, and seeing which pieces stick or bounce back.

PBCore 2.0 will be coming, and it needs our help.

So I'm putting out the call (with the encouragement of Paul Burrows) for something we'll categorize on this site as Change Requests. Many suggestions have already been made on vairous listservs and other online spaces, and we'll be looking through those to compile them here. If you have other suggestions for changes to PBCore, you can add them here yourself. (Anyone who is a Member of this site can post to it, and you can sign up on the home page.) Please make sure to assign your entry to the category Change Request. We can then more easily filter these into a pile, and sort them into subcategories as needed.

I'll be an active curator as needed, so just let me know what "as needed" means to you, and let 'er rip.


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