Some thoughts on future directions of PBCore

Written by Chris Beer on Thursday, November 12, 2009

For the last couple weeks, I've been thinking about some ways PBCore could changes to be easier to use and friendlier. Part of this was spurred by the PBCore 2.0 RFP, but also while I was trying to figure out how to teach PBCore to a workshop introducing XML at AMIA '09. This allowed me to take a step back from my use of PBCore to power digital archives and think about some bigger picture issues. I've been jotting my thoughts down elsewhere, but it would be more helpful to the community to record them here as well.

The first two links are likely the most interesting and provoking because they offer some future directions for PBCore. I've tried to keep my ideas in line with current practice, rather than offering radically new idea (that are probably impossible to implement within PBCore). As I prefaced the first post with, my proposals focus primarily on the descriptive aspects of PBCore, which, in my opinion, is its most important aspect.

The third link offers something to think about, because it offers five different XML metadata schemas that could be used to describe video. I think it is interesting to examine other schemas to see how other communities approached (or avoided) similar problems. I wanted to keep my introductions brief, mainly to create some context for the structures that follow. As I suggest in that post, there is probably some fruitful work in doing detailed comparisons of the schema components.

It's probably in the interest of this community to leave general comments and feedback on (or, even make a post of your own..), but I naturally welcome comments on the posts themselves.

To be clear, the views expressed are my own, and do not reflect the views of my employer

pbcoreContributor element issue

Written by Jack Brighton on Monday, November 02, 2009

Let's say I'm trying to record contributors to a movie and have a list of actors. In PBCore I can list each name, and record contributorRole as "actor." But there's no way to record what role they played as actor. Seems like a big gap! This could easily be solved in one of two ways:

Add an optional third element inside the pbcoreContributor container to record this. What to call it? Part maybe?

Add an optional attribute to contributorRole, so you can say something like:

    <contributor>Julie Roberts</contributor>
    <contributorRole part="Erin Brockovich">Actor</contributorRole>

Only problem with this is, PBCore doesn't use attributes. So maybe the first way is better:

    <contributor>Julie Roberts</contributor>
    <contributorPart>Erin Brockovich</contributorPart>


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