PBCore 1.3 to 2.0 translator ready for review

Written by karavan on Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dave Rice, with support of the Dance Heritage Coalition’s Secure Media Network managed by Bay Area Video Coalition, has created a PBCore 1.3 to 2.0 XSL translator tool.  For valid input PBCore 1.3 records, the tool generates a valid 2.0 records as the output.

This process revealed some difficult mapping challenges that have yet to be fully resolved.  The main issue is the move away from elements like genreAuthorityUsed to the @source attribute.  At first glance, it makes sense that genreAuthorityUsed would become pbcoreGenre source=“authority” in PBCore 2.0.  But wait, there was an @source attribute for genreAuthorityUsed!  So if the value of genreAuthorityUsed is now 2.0 pbcoreGenre source=“authority”, what happens to 1.3 genreAuthorityUsed source=“name”? It’s lost! 

Given that the definition of @source in PBCore 2.0 is “Attribute source provides the name of the authority used to declare data value of the element,” for this and a few other elements, it appears to be impossible to create a sematically lossless mapping.

We have posted the translator to github for public review.  You will see in the header comments of the XSL a number of issues that have come up in the mapping, including the genreAuthorityUsed problem.  Issues have been identified for mapping 1.3 titleType, descriptionType, and subjectAuthorityUsed.

You can find the translator here:  https://github.com/avpreserve/random-pbcore-metadata-translators/blob/master/13_to_Pbcore2.xsl

We would love to get feedback on this from the PBCore community!


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