PBCore rides again

Written by Jack Brighton on Tuesday, March 18, 2014

As the denizens and constituents of pbcoreresources.org will know, this community blog got started when somebody who shall remain nameless dropped the ball on continuing support for PBCore back in 2008. By that time, many audiovisual archives and developers had adopted PBCore as a promising metadata standard for audio and video assets and collections. Some community dialogue and self-support was needed, and the PBCore community has grown significantly since then.

Well here’s some good news: PBCore is back in action, with the official support of WGBH and the Library of Congress. It’s now under the care of the American Archive, which has been funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which has renewed its commitment to preserving the audiovisual treasures created over decades by public broadcasters and producers in the United States.

There is some work to do on the PBCore schema, and a really good team of people are working on that now. The canonical PBCore website will soon be refreshed, and other teams are working on educational and support materials.

You can get more of the full rundown on the American Archive website announcement of this news that PBCore is back in action!


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