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Please help with the PBCore User/Non-user survey

Written by Jack Brighton on Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The PBCore team is looking for all feedback on use and non-use of PBCore by people who manage audiovisual collections. This’ll help inform the work happening now on improving the schema, and whatever else can be done to make PBCore more useful. You can take the survey here:

Please do it, you know you want to! It’ll be good for you!

Oh, also, if you take the survey before May 5, you have a chance at winning a PBCore mug, which will feature our recently created new PBCore logo! Who wouldn’t want a PBCore mug? Everyone who completes the survey will be entered in a drawing, and three winners will be announced on Friday, May 9th.

The logo is pretty cool, no?

Making PBCore End User Friendly

Written by Kevin Reynen on Monday, August 09, 2010

Two screencast were recently added to that show how the Open Media Project’s Drupal modules make PBCore easier for end users.  Craig Sinclair from Amherst Community Media created a screencast that shows how to configure the PBCore module for Drupal to display customized elements in a hierarchy to users.  I added another screencast that shows how to add PBCore to any content type with CCK and how to use some simple javascript to limit the number of options show to users

Sites using the current beta of the module can now export a node as XML as well as dump of their site specific configurations making it easier to compare how organizations are implementing PBCore in practice.

The PBCore module for Drupal is still rough around the edges, but the structure is now there for anyone with even basic PHP skills to contribute. 

pbcore wordles

Written by Jack Brighton on Sunday, August 02, 2009

(Published on behalf of Kara Van Malssen who created these images.)

I'm a big nerd. I spent the last hour making wordles out of the pbcore elements. Its for a slideshow I'm putting together. It was so much fun to see the elements in colorful wordcloud form, that I just kept making them.

The biggest font are the mandatory elements, medium font are recommended elements, and small font are optional elements. I didn't include the essenceTrack sub-elements, but everything else should be there. Feel free to use these, or make your own at

PBCore Wordle

PBCore Wordle

PBCore Wordle

PBCore Wordle


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