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Generating PBCore Instantiation data

Written by DaveRice on Monday, March 01, 2010

To follow up on the comments in Jack’s last post I posted XSL and workflow information that can translate the XML output of MediaInfo and turn it into a PBCore instantiation element (not the whole record, just the technical side of PBCore).

The XSL and a drag-and-drop Mac application of it are at

An article about the development and related issues is at

Overall transforming many of the metadata fields from MediaInfo’s output to PBCore is fairly straightforward (mediainfo:overallbitrate -> pbcore:formatdatarate, mediainfo:filesize -> pbcore:formatFileSize), but fields such as formatTracks and formatChannelConfigurations are a bit of a challenge to automate.

Any feedback on this is appreciated.

Dave Rice


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