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pbcoreContributor element issue

Written by Jack Brighton on Monday, November 02, 2009

Let's say I'm trying to record contributors to a movie and have a list of actors. In PBCore I can list each name, and record contributorRole as "actor." But there's no way to record what role they played as actor. Seems like a big gap! This could easily be solved in one of two ways:

Add an optional third element inside the pbcoreContributor container to record this. What to call it? Part maybe?

Add an optional attribute to contributorRole, so you can say something like:

    <contributor>Julie Roberts</contributor>
    <contributorRole part="Erin Brockovich">Actor</contributorRole>

Only problem with this is, PBCore doesn't use attributes. So maybe the first way is better:

    <contributor>Julie Roberts</contributor>
    <contributorPart>Erin Brockovich</contributorPart>


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