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Welcome to PBCore Resources

Written by Jack Brighton on Thursday, November 20, 2008

PBCore Resources is a place to collaborate and share resources related to PBCore, a metadata standard developed to exchange information about audio/video media objects. PBCore can also be used to exchange the media objects themselves.

This ain't the official PBCore website

For an official description of the PBCore metadata standard visit This unofficial site is intended to move PBCore forward by the people using it.

Please contribute to PBCore evolution and development

Many of us are jumping into PBCore for cataloging and sharing information about A/V objects. We are finding it useful but imperfect, and clearly the PBCore standard needs further development. Change management has been administered by the PBCore Resource Group, members of which started this website. But everyone using PBCore in the wild could usefully drive the discussion. So please consider this a welcome to write something: questions, observations, projects...bring it.


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