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Written by karavan on Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I've just returned from a week in Mexico, where I participated in the Seminario de Conservación de Obras y Documentos Sobre Soportes Electrónicos. You can see more information (in Spanish) about it here: http://cmm.cenart.gob.mx/seminario09/index.html

One of the things I was responsible for was teaching a workshop on Documentación de Programas de Televisión. There were 16 participants from various TV station archives and other institutions that collect television materials. And of course I taught them PBCore (as well as overviews of PREMIS, Dublin Core, METS, and various rights standards)! It was taught in English, but I did my best to provide them with a translation of the PBCore element names (see below). This of course really got me thinking about how great it would be to have pbcore supported in multiple languages, but that's probably a long ways off, and would require some pretty dedicated multi-lingual volunteers.

Anyhow, Thanks to Dave Rice's help with figuring out the Spanish-language support in Media Info, we were able to install that tool en Español on all the participant's PCs, so they could extract technical metadata from digital files in Spanish! We then practiced cataloging using the pbcore.vermicel.li tool, which worked fantastic. Some of the participants didn't quite finish creating their records, but some did a pretty nice job, especially with the technical metadata. You can take a look at the results here: http://pbcore.vermicel.li/. The records for Steal this Film, Edison in Mexico, Wash Day in Mexico, and A Clever Dummy are all the students work.

Here is the BASIC pbcore element list in Spanish.  It doesn't get into the actual semantics of the element names, and for that reason doesn't get into essenceTracks.  The idea was more to give a general translation of terms that are used in pbcore.  If any bilingual folks are lurking here, let me know what you think.

A lot of this translation was thanks to Media Info's English to Spanish mapping, and Dublin Core translation to Spanish.

Identifer    Identificador
Title    Título
Subject    Tema
Description    Descripción
Genre    Género
Relation    Relación
Coverage    Cobertura
Creator    Creador
Contributor    Colaborador
Publisher    Editorial
Date    Fecha
Language    Idoma
Version    Versión
Identifer    Identificador
File Name    Nombre del Archivo
Date Created    Fecha de Codificación
Format    Formato
Location    Ubicación
Media Type    Tipo de Medio
Generation    Generación
Broadcast Standard    Sistema de Codificación y Transmisión
Codec    Códec
File Size    Tamaño del Archivo
Duration    Duración
Data Rate / Bit Rate    Tasa de Bits
Resolution / Bit Depth    Resolución
Sampling Rate    Velocidad de muestreo
Frame Size (Width x Height)    Ancho x Alto (del cuadro)
Aspect Ratio    Relación de Aspecto
Frame Rate    Velocidad de Cuadro
Tracks    Pistas
Channels    Canales


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