Stuck on film instantiation- where to put the data??

Written by Mary on Friday, November 21, 2008

I need help figuring out how to do the technical information for film instantiations. Please!

I find myself unable to figure out exactly how to format info about a film instantiation in PBCore. Here's an example from MARC:

1 reel of 1 (ca. 800 ft.) : opt sd., b&w ; 16 mm

Where do length, sound info go? What about additional info., like tape stock?

One size does NOT fit all, dammit.

I am putting the 16mm in formatPhysical and the color info in formatColors. As to the rest, ???


  • DaveRice said on 11/24 at 02:28 PM

    Length could possibly go in formatDuration as fraction seconds, then if you also have formatFrameRate, then from these values you could calculate film length. The sound info likely deserves it’s own annotation (or possibly could go in formatChannelConfiguration).

    I’m curious about where the concept of ‘1 reel of 1’ should go. I have a lot of digital assets where one instantiation of an asset is represented by many digital files. So far I’m considering the folder that contains the files to be the wrapper and treating the folder as an instantiation, but it’s not quite right. Some files are related to each other via concatenation and some by multiplexing.

  • karavan said on 11/24 at 08:27 PM

    I agree with Dave about putting the length in formatDuration. But I say just leave it in feet.

    You could put the sound information in formatTracks.  It is a track, after all.

    Reel 1 of 1 is another issue.  In this case, I’m thinking annotation.

    Another thing to add to the list of upgrades for 2.0:  Better support for film objects!

  • Dave Rice said on 11/25 at 06:44 AM

    Hi Kara,
    I wrote a PBCore record on the site according to your suggestions.
    Any thing else to tweak here?

  • Dave Rice said on 11/25 at 06:45 AM

    Oops here is the edit/view for that same film test record, in case you want to edit it.

  • karavan said on 11/25 at 10:45 AM

    That looks like what I had in mind.  Mary, what do you think?

    Another option may be to put the length in formatFileSize.  Perhaps in the future this element could be changed to formatSize?

  • Dave Rice said on 11/25 at 09:10 PM

    formatDuration + formatFrameRate + info from the 16mm film standard should mathematically give you the length result.
    (24 frames/second) * (100 seconds) * (1 foot) / (40 frames/foot) = 60 feet (is that math right)

    Should PBCore necessarily track the fact that 16mm film represents a particular length per frame? I wonder what Betacam’s length per second is?

  • Mary said on 11/30 at 01:38 PM

    Dave and Kara, I like what you have come up with.  I do agree with Kara about leaving duration in feet. When we are thinking about film reels, we tend to think of their foot-length rather than their run-time-length tho of course both are relevant.

    many thanks!

  • wesker said on 02/28 at 07:06 AM

    Another thing to add to the list of upgrades for 2.0:  Better support for film objects!<a >cobro</a>

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